IDDQD: no theory, no history, no flood

This is a place where I hope to divulge information about IDDQD productions, my experiences and blah blah blah… you know what a blog is for. Over the next few months I’ll be speaking with people and going to places a lot more interesting than myself so I thought these experiences might be of value to some of you that care.

Concerning the documentary:

It seems to me these ideas of Transhumanism, Information Systems, Ai, Digital Divide, Quantum Computing, and Digital Realities etc etc… are larger than any one of us, yes, even you Ray Kurzweil, so I was compelled to do a documentary about these subjects as part of an attempt to introduce and investigate advanced information technologies and their impact on the everyday person to who???? The everyday person, why of course.

So much of this information is esoteric and reserved to the elite (See: Google Talks, TED Conference fees) because as most successful people, ne, most people know that information is power. What most everyday people don’t relize is that we are currently engaging in a great; though, potentially dividing technological revolution.

It’s nothing new. You felt it the first time felt the need to buy a personal computer, or a modem, or an Iphone/Blackberry/Droid. The moral issue that presents itself to us is how much of our finances/lives/humanity/the human experience are we willing to sacrifice to keep up with the Joneses once they can survive for 350 years, are linked into the noosphere, have digital representations of their soul saved in the cloud and are willing to justify any action to be one of the lucky few pioneers to transverse the future planes of digital existence.

But that’s all hooey. Let’s all try to focus on the facts for now. I know I am… trying.