The Road to November

As some of you may know SXSW is in March and their final entry date for feature film content is November 15th. I am going to do everything in my power to reach that date as I’m under the impression that my the documentary is perfect for SXSW; covering all of their bases — Tech, Music, Film all the while being truly “independent”.

NOTE ON WHAT “INDEPENDENT” MEANS: I have very few connections to the film industry outside of the ones I’ve forged through tireless work in LA for 4 years. I have no previous track record in producing/directing independent feature films to leverage. The ideas I’m expressing in this doc are challenging, esoteric, informed, a-political and uncompromising. I have NO blood relatives in the film industry (at least that I know of) and, of course, the doc has a very small budget funded by independent VC.

This is not a documentary about polical strife, but it sure a hell defines the world under which politcal battles will be fought. This is not a film about overcomming adversity, but it will ring more and more true to anyone who has felt impowered by the anonimity/meritocracy the web has afforded us. This is not a film about the transhuman experience, but it provides context to the digtal world we transhuman’s will be exploring.

I have a ton of work to do between now and then — editing, graphics, writing, promoting, color correction, audio mixing, score, acciuring rights, and yes even some shooting, but I’m on course and determined. Though the pace may seem slow at times that’s only because were in a fight similar to a Crysknife-fight in “Dune”, deliberate and calculated.

So here’s to it. Make it or break it. Let’s hope for the former.